Minimal. Clean. Effective. 

    Wildflower's disposable vaporizers might be the game changer you have been searching for...

      Controlled Dosing.  All Natural.  Chemical Free.

      • 150mg of CBD
      • Approximately 150 Draws
      • No chemicals or artificial additives.
      • Only CO2 extracted CBD oil.
      • Each draw contains approximately 2mg of THC or CBD oil.
      • Free of any toxic materials like chromium -99% of disposable vapes on the market contain chromium in their pens to keeps cost down.
      • Cotton-free, fiber-free, worry-free.
      • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

      Safe like no other vapes on the market.

      • Food grade soft touch paint for lip comfort.
      • Leak-proof. No more greasy mess in your pocket.
      • Discreet- Super small size of the pen, and the faint to no odor of the vapor make the vaping experience very discreet.
      • 3rd party lab tested for accuracy
      • Oil indicator window to show how much oil left.

        Solid State Technology

        • Internal micro-processor controls the temperature for perfect vaporization.
        • Patent pending flex-circuit technology and stainless steel body make these pens strong and durable.