CBD-infused Mojito Mocktail Recipe

Jul 15, 2020

Alfred Kee

CBD-infused Mojito Mocktail Recipe

Perfect for all your summer BBQs, our CBD-infused Mojito mocktail recipe will deliver all the flavor, but without the hangover!

What you'll need:⁠
  • Our CBD Relief tincture in Orange Mint flavor⁠ ,
  • Ice cubes⁠, to taste,
  • A handful of fresh mint⁠ leaves ,
  • 1 full lime⁠ to cut ,
  • A bottle of Sprite / Club Soda⁠

Peel the lime and cut it up in 4 pieces. Put 3/4 cut lime, 1.5 Cups of Sprite or Club Soda, and as many mint leaves as you'd like into a glass. Muddle the ingredients for about a minute and then add 1-2 droppers of CBD tincture. Pour ice, as desired, in and shake or mix well. Garnish your drink with mint and lime wedges and serve immediately. Easy, right? 

Share this recipe with your friends and enjoy the refreshing taste of this summer classic with added CBD.

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