Our Creative Director, Amy Yamamura, was featured on Conscious Company

Portrait of Amy Yamamura

In this blog published by Conscious Company, Amy shares with us what it is like to be a woman and a minority in the cannabis industry.

We cannot deny that the cannabis industry is mainly led by men. But Amy doesn't let this stop her, quite the contrary! She sees in this unique situation a way to cut through the noise and make Wildflower stand out with its female-centrist and wellness-focused branding.

Before co-founding Wildflower, she was working as a freelancing agent for a Japanese media and design agency where she developed a keen eye for branding.

Amy also takes a lot of inspiration from her two daughters:

"They naturally inspire and motivate me to do better and to create products and messages that I can be proud of — to work and connect with more women and continue to create more space and opportunities for those who are marginalized".

Conscious Company Media is a media company whose aim is to make business better for people through their events, online content and podcasts. Their vision is that all business is going to be conscious business by 2030

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