Wildflower products' growing international recognition

Wildflower products' growing international recognition

Sep 10, 2020

Zuzanna El Tanbouli

Wildflower Wellness CBD products have been gaining international recognition in the recent weeks, with publications such as Vanity Fair UK and GLAMOUR Netherlands featuring them in their articles dedicated to wellness, health, and beauty. 


Vanity Fair UK wrote:

Wildflower’s focused line of CBD products sets itself apart with broad-spectrum CBD derived from whole hemp plants, which preserves the many essential compounds, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins and terpenes found within. The range covers most methods of taking CBD so that anyone can incorporate it into their wellness regime, whether that’s with a topical stick to apply directly to affected areas of skin, a versatile tincture that can be taken by itself or mixed into drinks (try it in a smoothie or even coffee), or a capsule for those looking to take a controlled amount of CBD. There are even CBD-infused soaps for face and body. Read more

With Wildflower's growing popularity in Europe, we have officially launched our UK Instagram account. Follow @wildflowerwellness_uk for news and updates on our availability on the British Isles, as well as online availability within the European Union. 


London Evening Standard UK about our CBD Cool Stick:  

Harnessing the pain-killing powers of hemp-based CBD - which contains less than 0.3% THC - this natural pain remedy has been formulated to offer relief for everyday aches and discomfort. It may look like a deodorant but this actually works; I've been swiping it on post-shower for the last week and can report a much less creaky upper torso. Read more


Wildflower CBD Cool Stick


METRO UK also featured our CBD Cool Stick:  

I was sceptical that it would be better than the balm I normally use, but it seems to take away the itch from mosquito bites faster, and has been great for rubbing on temples/forehead when I have an anxiety headache, so I’m sold. Read more

Other international publications to mention Wildflower Wellness CBD products include names such as KOSSIE UK, GLAMOUR UK, and Weekly NY Japion - Japanese newspaper for the Japanese community in New York. We are absolutely delighted to see such positive response to our products internationally.


Wildflower CBD Cool Stick Japanese Newspaper Topical Hemp


Wildflower CBD Wellness products are available for sale at over 200 retail locations in the US and UK, as well as online at buywildflower.com. Wildflower CBD Wellness products are also available for International Shipping through selected online retailers. Store locations can be found HERE.