Fun Summertime CBD+ Cocktail

Fun Summertime CBD+ Cocktail

Jul 26, 2018

Ana Reyes

There are so many ways to enjoy CBD. One cool idea that can keep you feeling refreshed (inside and out) is a Summertime CBD Cocktail. 

You'll need: 
1. CBD Tincture (We recommend our 500mg Tropical Fruit tincture)
2. Club soda 
3. Bitters 
4. Blood Orange juice 

Mix 1 part juice with 2 parts soda and add 1-2 droppers of CBD tincture along with 1-2 dashes of bitters. It's that easy! Add in those orange slices if you're feeling fancy  

Let us know if you try it out yourself. Would you stick to the recipe or did you add your own flair?

Photography and recipe credits: Haiikuu Design