Mango Hibiscus CBD+ Iced Tea | by Cary Day Yoga

Mango Hibiscus CBD+ Iced Tea | by Cary Day Yoga

Mango Hibiscus CBD+ Iced Tea | by Cary Day Yoga

Our friend Cary from Cary Day Yoga has been using our Wellness and Relief tinctures to create the most amazing recipes.

Cary is a yoga teacher, based in Los Angeles, specializing in natural health and beauty. Check out her class schedule and don’t dare to miss the CBD Flow classes!

Mango Hibiscus CBD+ Iced Tea

Just in case you didn't know already...  I love CBD.  I use it daily as a daily vitamin.  It builds your immunity and helps keep inflammation at bay to prevent illness and disease.  CBD is also excellent for pain relief.

My friends at Wildflower know all about it.  Their CBD is AMAZING.  High quality, potent hemp derived CBD. 

I've made my own recipe with their amazing CBD. Mango Hibiscus CBD Iced tea. Delicioussss.


  • Hibiscus Tea
  • Mango Kombucha
  • CBD Tincture 500mg
  • Sweetener of your choice (I chose Monk Fruit)

Steep the hibiscus tea for a couple of minutes in a teacup. Add the sweeter of your choice. Since I'm vegan, I love to use monk fruit sugar, it doesn't spike your blood sugar and is an excellent sugar substitute.  After you've added your sweeter to your hibiscus tea, add ice to a cup of your choosing. I put about half a cup of ice. Add your mango Kombucha to the cup. I used Synergy Mystic Mango Kombucha. You can really taste the mango and their kombucha is amazing. I highly recommend. Add a dropper full of CBD to the mango mix. I used a 500mg tincture for wellness, but you can use a 1000mg CBD tincture if you want more pain relief.  Pour the hibiscus tea in with the mango and CBD mixture and stir.  Voila! a delicious wellness drink that you can drink any time of the day.  I like to sip on this and listen to music and vibe out.  

Definitely give this recipe a try! What better way to end the summer months with a tropical CBD wellness drink.

Stay happy & healthy,



Photography and recipe credits: Cary Day Yoga